American Pancakes

Hi guys!

So, many of you really liked the nutella brownie recipe. So for today, I like to share my American pancake recipe with you guys!

Let’s start baking!

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What you’ll need (10 pancakes):

190 grams of flour

1 tablespoon of powdered sugar

1/2 teaspoon of salt

2 teaspoons of bakingpowder

3/4 teaspoon of cinnamon (optionally)

1 bag of vanilla sugar

2 medium sized eggs

220 ml milk

80 grams of melted butter


Step 1:  Separate the eggs and whip the egg-white.

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Step 2:  Put the flour, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, baking powder and cinnamon together in a bowl and stirr it.

Step 3:  Put the melted butter, milk and egg yolk into the mixture and  mix it until it becomes a homogeneous mixture.

Step 4:  When that’s done, fold the whipped egg-white into the dough.

Step 5:  Bake the pancakes!!

A little tip if you bake them: don’t wait until you see the little bubbles in the dough like you do when you’re baking normal pancakes, because the bottom will burn!!! #beginnersmistake 😉

I like to eat them with agave syrup (really yummy 😀 ).

Bon appétit!

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I hope you will try this recipe!? If you do, tag me in the picture on instagram (@jana_verstraete)!!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!





DIY: Bathbomb


Today I’m going to show you guys how to make your own BATHBOMB step by step!!!

What you’ll need:

  • Baking Soda (You can buy this in every supermarket)
  • Citric Acid (You can buy this in drugstores, pharmacists and online)
  • Essential oil(s) (You can buy this also in drugstores, pharmacists and online)
  • An oil ( I used coconutoil that isn’t scented) (You can buy this also in drugstores, supermarkets and online)
  • Food coloring (You can buy this in drugstores and online)
  • Optional: Bath salt (You can buy this also in drugstores and online) and Pigment glitter

You’ll also need a bowl, a misting spray and some molds.

STEP 1: Mix all the dry ingrediënts in the bowl

You will always need the double amound of baking soda from the citric acid.

So, If I used 500grams of baking soda, I will need 250 grams of citric acid.

This is also the time if you want to add some glitter and bath salts! I used the glitter pigments of NYX Cosmetics. I think if it’s safe for your eyes, it will be safe for the rest of your body no? 🙂

If you want multiple colors then you have to sepparate the mixture into different bowls.

STEP 2: Mix all the wet ingrediënts in the spraybottle

Put 1,5 tablespoons of essential oil in the misting bottle; 1,5 tablespoons of coconut oil (or another oil) in the bottle and a little bit of the food coloring in the bottle and mix it well!

You can also make different colors.

STEP 3: Mix everything

Now you can spray the dry ingrediënts with your wet ingrediënts. Do it carefully otherwise if you spray it too much, you will ruin your mixture for your bathbomb. Also, every time you spray the dry ingrediënts, you have to wisk the mixture. Because the water will activate our ‘dough’ and then it starts to fizz.

If you make a ball in your hands and when you let it fall into the bowl and it won’t break, it will be ready!

STEP 4: Put it into the molds

Take a spoon and put the dough into the molds. You can choose to use different colors, paterns and molds if you want to. Press down firmly with your spoon or fingers!

STEP 5: Refrigerate

If you want to use the bathbomb right away, refrigerate it for about 1hour. You can also let it cool overnight!

Keep your bathbombs in an airtight bag or container and put it somewhere where it’s not humid.

Tadaaa this is how you easily make some bathbombs! You can also wrap it in a cute packaging and give it to someone!

(PS. I’m sorry for the very bad pictures, but the lighting was very bad 😦 )

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!



50 (random) facts about me

Hi guys!

So I thought it would be fun to share 50 random facts about me to know me a little bit better!

Sooooo, Here we go!

  1. I’m 20 y/o
  2. I study midwifery
  3. I have a cat named Baruch
  4. I’m 1,80m (5’11”) tall
  5. I have what they call heterochromia; That’s when you have 2 different eye colors. I have a brown and green/blue eye
  6. I bite my nails in stressy situations
  7. I can burp on command
  8. I love to draw
  9. I really really REALLY LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!
  10. I’m extremely stubborn
  11. I can put my fist in my mouth
  12. My favorite flowers are peonies
  13. I want 2 weddings: a Christmas wedding and a summer wedding
  14. I cry in every sad moviepart, especially those from Disney!
  15. I’m super messy, but I hate chaos
  16. I had very curly hair when I was little
  17. I haaate insects
  18. I’m scared of clowns, hights and orchestra
  19. I love to bingewatch movies, series and youtube videos
  20. I’m that person that never knows the title, singer or lyrics of a song, but sings anyway
  21. I’m clumsy
  22. Mostly, I’m the mama bear of the group
  23. I had 1 blog before this one
  24. I wanted to have a youtube channel since I was 11 y/o
  25. I hate fish and cabbages
  26. I love sleep and my PJs
  27. I loved playing with barbies, I think I could still play with them 🙂
  28. I hate to just sit outside and do nothing. I prefer to sit inside even if it’s 30C°
  29. Never ever broke something in my body (knock on wood)
  30. Never had braces
  31. Never had holes in my teeth
  32. I hate to swim in the sea and sit on the beach! I find it very disgusting
  33. I was 15y/o when I went in my own cellar for the first time
  34. I wear glasses since I was 8y/o
  35. I have two crooked fingers
  36. My fav color is PINK (duuuuuh If you couldn’t guess that already 🙂 )
  37. I can make like a weird flower with my tongue and I can use my tongue like a straw (Yes I know I’m weird AF)
  38. I used to dislike glitter, like wtf was I thinking??? 😀
  39. I’m allergic to insect bites
  40. I had my first swimming diploma when I was 5 y/o
  41. I put ketchup in my macaroni and cheese
  42. I can estimate people pretty good
  43. I’m sooooo afraid to puke
  44. I’m never mad or angry (just grumpy)
  45. I love unicorns and I like to believe they exist!
  46. My favorite Disney princess is Ariel
  47. I hate to be alone
  48. My favorite animal is an elephant
  49. Never had a nose bleed
  50. My favorite fruit are strawberries


Sooo these were 50 random (and sometimes strange) facts about me!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!!

XoXo Jana

Battle of the concealers!

Hi guys!

Today, I want to compare 4 concealers which I really love. I will mainly discuss the coverage of the concealers. A birthmark will be the point of comparison and at the end of the blogpost I will give you my top 4 of my concealers.

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The birthmark, you see is a very dark one, so hard to conceal!!




Concealer 1:  Collection lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer; Color 1 Fair

This concealer is very cheap (4£) and has a good coverage. As you can see, the birthmark is more blurred than before. The consistency is slightly thicker but it blends very good into the skin. The only negative thing I could think of is, that it’s only available in the UK! So every time I go to London I buy me some. My scores (on 5) are:

Price: $

Coverage: ****

Longlasting: *****


Concealer 2:  Maybelline Fit me concealer; Color 20

I got this concealer for the summer so, it’s a little bit to dark for me now! This one is more transparent and hydrating than the other concealers. It’s perfect for a light coverage in summer! (+/- 10€)

Price: $$

Coverage: *

Longlasting: ***


Concealer 3:  MAC pro longwear concealer; Color NW 15

This one is by far the best concealer I ever had!! It is an expensive one (20€), but really worth the money! You also get so many uses out of it. The coverage is very very good. The consistancy isn’t thick or runny. It blends perfectly into the skin and you can build the coverage.

Price: $$$$

Coverage: *****

Longlasting: ****


Concealer 4:  Urban Decay naked skin concealer; Color Light warm

This one is also a very good, but the coverage is slighty more transparant than the one from MAC. The consistancy is very light and the concealer applies very well. It is also very blendable. I see this more as a summer concealer with a very good coverage. Maybe a negative side of the concealer is the price tag! It is 25,50€ for one, but I think it’s worth the money.

Price: $$$$$

Coverage: ****

Longlasting: *****

So, I really like them all, but if I have to choose, then is the MAC one my number 1, Urban decay number 2, Collection number 3 and  Maybelline number 4. And the Urban decay and Collection one, I see more as a summer concealer, because they’re not that thick.

If you want to know more details about the concealers, just contact me!

I hope you guys enjoy!!!

XoXo Jana