DIY: Ripped Jeans


So lately I was thinking: Why buy a brand new ripped jeans if you could make one out of an old one? That’s much cheaper right?

Soooo, today we are making our own ripped jeans!!!

What you’ll need?

  • An old jeans
  • A pair of scissors
  • Tweezers
  • A marker

First you’re going to mark where you want te holes with your marker.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Then cut some holes where you marked the jeans with your scissors.


After that, take your tweezers and start pulling the blue strings from the ruffled jeans and pul them all out!

You can choose if you make multiple holes, big or small holes, do what ever you want to do!

You can even put on some patches! See one of my previous blogpost on how to do that! ( Blogpost: Patches)

Then put them into the washing machine and wash them.

Tadaaa you got your selfmade, stylish ripped jeans!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!




#OOTD #kenzoXhm

Hi guys!

Yesterday I went to the launch of Kenzo vs H&M! Me and my friend (@Yaelle_gt) went to Brussels for exploring the wild jungle of #kenzoXhm!

When we arrived, it was really calmer then expected… Weird right? Mostly when a designer collaborate with H&M people are fighting to get 1 piece, but now it looked like nothing special was happening.

If you want to know what my friend got from the kenzo collection, go take a look on her BLOG!

I didn’t buy anything because it was not my kind of style. I just went for the experience!

We ate some burgers at Manhattns and the best donuts I’ve ever tasted in my life at COCO Donut.

But, I just wanted to show you guys what I wore that day.


I wore my new Zara parka (89,95€) and styled it with my hat from H&M (9,99€). Under my parka I had my blue Tee from Zalando ( Dorothy perkins 29,95€) and I styled it with my high waisted, dark blue skinny jeans from Zalando (GAP: 64,95€). Of course, my nike’s couldn’t be left out. I also bought these on Zalando (Nike air force 109,95€)


I wore my (prescripted) glasses from Ralph Lauren, my bag is from Mango and my watch is from Fossil (130€)

So this was a little summary of my day and my #OOTD!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!